Hospitality starts with us
Make yourself comfortable. We have created this place just for you.

We manage and organise events taking care to harmonise purpose and beauty to create experiences of value.

We blend ideas, solutions, our local knowledge and relationships to ensure they become moments to remember.

We are event and travel consultants in and to the Trentino area and Lake Garda. Just call ONTHEGO, and we’ll be there.

Building Memories


Concrete and creative: the courage to be ourselves.

In our manifesto, we embrace a vision that clings on tightly to the desires of our clients and our own professionalism.

Building Memories is more than just a nice slogan. For us, it symbolises the emotion behind every experience that we conceive and the creativity with which we do it so that it can resonate in someone else. That’s the way we are – incredibly human. Just like memories.

We are driven by the desire to constantly find a new way to create events, which is why we offer unconventional services. We don’t create anything that isn’t worth remembering.

For us to do our job, passion, creativity and care are not enough. That’s why we’ve added organisation, a concrete approach and practicality, to simplify the road to success and deliver an hour, a day or a stay without a single hitch.

The first thing you will notice when you work with us is that we are true to our word and our commitment. We are coherent, trustworthy and responsible. In an atmosphere of respect and trust, we can cultivate better ideas.


We will be your full stop and your semi-colon.



We plan, manage and create events and experiences from scratch.

Hospitality, services, logistics and transport are the means we use to create something unique.

We have preferential agreements with suppliers, so that you can enjoy the best possible services at the best price. We know the local area like the back of our hand and we are responsive and onsite.

We offer guidance and support in the selection of suppliers and locations for training, for medical-scientific, corporate, cultural and musical events, and for gala dinners, social occasions and team-building activities.

But to put it like that is something of an understatement: no two services are ever the same, because everything we do is specially considered and created for each client and his or her objectives, style and timing.

These are our main business areas:

  • Event management: hospitality, services and organisational secretariat
  • Activity planning: outdoor activities and experience creation
  • The production of tailor-made events

And there’s a never-ending list of interesting things we can do for you. Download it and read it – it looks like Jules Verne’s shopping list!


With our arms wide open and our suitcase ready, that’s how.

We are by your side every step of the journey and throughout the event to accompany you along the way in your ‘out of the ordinary’ experiences. Experiences that are creative, contemporary, human and, for this reason, unique.

What you can expect from us:



We know how to anticipate needs. We offer you certainty and our intuition, because curiosity has always led us to wonderful places. We know how to seize and welcome the changes all around us.



we place our very best ideas at your disposal to create something that doesn’t even exist yet or make something that does, feel totally yours.



Your success is also partly ours too. We do all that we can to ensure the road to success is easy, satisfying and exciting.



We apply active listening, negotiation and diplomacy to creative productive and transparent relationships.


We optimise time and resources to achieve results sooner and better. Nothing escapes us, be it a word or a number.


We work to make other people’s projects and moments great. We enjoy seeing them thrive.


We stand beside our partners – never in front and never behind. We are not merely operational: our aim is to guide and advise, but above all, to grow and to give back value.

We are all women: we have hospitality running through our veins, we are good at solving problems and creating opportunities. Determined, passionate, organised, good at decision-making, listening and multi-tasking and treading the fine line between common sense and creativity. The word ‘impossible’ does not form part of our vocabulary.

Graziella Zucchelli


She is our Lady of Evaluations.

She supervises, checks, prepares and takes care of public relations with the local hospitality system and selects suppliers by going through them with a fine tooth comb.

Only the best pass the test.

Synthetic and at times mythical like a heroine of the Odyssey: she eats and drinks precision and concreteness.

Her super power: few words, all action, many epics.

Chiara Biatel

Marketing & Sales Executive

When she runs into a problem, either she runs away or she tackles it head on.

Her DNA rewrites itself every day: she absorbs, she does not stop, she reaches everywhere. Where there are no roads, she builds them.

Indeed, she is one of the first 30 people in Italy to obtain the Meeting and Event Manager Certificate. A true pioneer!

Her super power: she remembers everything. Ask her your shoe size.

Elisa Andreolli

Marketing & Sales Executive

She adores the details that dazzle, believes in team work and will always find a Plan B, even when there doesn’t appear to be one.

Her super power: precision. She’ll find the needle in the haystack.

Ketty Adam

Incoming Specialist

She is there. Before, during and after the event.

She makes the client’s life easy, sweeps away any doubt and accompanies you every step of the way. She understands, she manages, she solves.

Her super power: she responds to stimuli and is capable of generating positivity in any situation.

Silvia Bordignon

Incoming Specialist

She has all the right questions and the best solution for each and every client. Empathetic and scrupulous: she takes care of the headaches leaving the client to enjoy the nice bits.

Her super power: she listens to everything you say and even that which goes unsaid.

Dosolina Mozzi

Dosolina Mozzi

Accounting Manager

She loves nothing more than playing with numbers!

She doesn’t appear to us in a dream, but she does make us dream, because she takes care of ONTHEGO accounting in its entirety.

She provides the certainty that the administrative aspect of events is taken care of with competence and precision.

Her super power: she balances everything. And when we say everything, we do mean everything.


We have a mutual objective.

Come on, let’s not waste time. Let us know how we can help you.